The Jambar

Skills: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, WordPress | Date: August 2018 – May 2019

During my final year at YSU, I had the privilege of being the Web Manager for my school’s student-run newspaper The Jambar. The site runs on WordPress using the ColorNews theme as a base. While at The Jambar, I made various changes to not only improve the site, but create a foundation for future students who would take on my position after me. I worked to improve the design of the site by developing ontop of their current theme and focusing on fixing bugs and modernizing the UI. Additionally, I helped to organize the backend of the website, document all the information that future students would need, and place advertisements onto the site to generate additional revenue.

I also wrote a couple articles during my time at the newspaper. My articles primarily revolved around technology, from news to opinion and advice columns. You can see those and the improved design on The Jambar’s website.

Appleridge Productions, llc Website

Skills: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP | Date: December 2018 – Present

After my friend Mario created his own production company, I took on the role of creating a website for him. I strived to create a simple website that was easy to navigate with all the important information, that being a showcase of his work, available right on the homepage.

I also helped in the production of a few of his videos. All this can be found on the Appleridge Productions website.


Skills: PHP | Date: August 2013 – September 2017

Half of my Minecraft experiences was being a part of the Minecraft Pocket Edition (now Minecraft Bedrock Edition) server community. I found PocketMine in 2013 and spent about a year and a half learning server concepts and getting my feet wet with PHP (which PocketMine was coded in). Some notable works include two different leveling systems, a shop system, and two physics-based plugins. Most of the plugins I developed specifically for other servers, but there are two that can be found on my Github.

In addition to coding, I was in charge of moderating the Help section of the PocketMine forums during its peak in popularity. I also helped create and develop MegaPE (formerly MCPEPrison), the first prison server for Pocket Edition. As time went on, I became more interested in making connections with the people in the community and learning how their plugins and the server software worked rather than creating my own plugins.

PocketMine was my first experience with real coding projects and I attribute my passion for programming to the amazing people that I surrounded myself with in that community. Check out my friends Hexdro and Bamuel.


Skills: MySQL, Java | Date: August 2012 – September 2017

I worked with some of my high school friends to develop and manage a PC Minecraft server (now called Java Edition) called Nightfall. The server originally ran on Bukkit, but we later upgraded to Spigot and then Bungeecord further on. After about a year, I took over most of the responsibilities as the others moved on to focus on other work.

Through working on Nightfall, I learned some key skills such as server management, MySQL, and some Java coding when I began to update outdated plugins and develop some of my own. Besides just technical skills, I also learned from managing a community of players and a team of staff members that helped me develop and maintain the server after some of our original team left. As the game evolved and others from our administrative team moved on from the game, we shut down the server in September 2017.

School Projects

Skills: C#, Java, MySQL, Python, .NET, Visual Basic, C | Date: August 2012 – May 2019

While I’ll always encourage people to learn and work on projects in their free time for fun, I still attribute some of my programming knowledge to the classes I’ve taken so far. In my years attending both RIT and YSU, I have gained experience not only in using languages such as Python, Java, C, C#, and Visual Basic, but I also learned concepts like the software development cycle, system analysis and design, and the mathematics behind 3D graphics rendering.

While many of my projects cannot be posted online in order to prevent cheating for future students, my two favorite projects were an online game of chess and a game I created in Unity. For the Unity game, I created the game models using Blender, the game logic using C#, and the rest of the game management using Unity. For the chess game, I coded all the game logic in C#, I handled the presentation using a Windows Form, and the networking, which was the focus of the project, was done using the .NET framework. You can find the code for my online chess game on my Github.

Twitter Bots

Skills: Python, OAuth, Twitter API | Date: Summer 2016 | Source: Github

In the summer of 2016, I created three Twitter bots in order to learn OAuth and the Twitter API. I created all three in Python using Tweepy. My first bot simply tweeted out a hard coded message. My second bot was created to reply to all of my own tweets with a goofy image my friend helped to Photoshop. The last one was an old joke account I vowed to create in high school many years ago. This bot would take every tweet a specific person would submit and add in additional text. This one created many challenges to fit the Twitter character limit, and so my solution ended up being to create two-part tweets. I also tweaked this further to remove specific automated tweets sent out in order to decrease the amount of spam it generated.

All three of these bots have since been shut down and discontinued, but you can find the code behind them on my Github (albeit without any private information needed to access the bot accounts).