About Me

Hi. I’m Brady Sklenar, but I usually go by Darunia18 or just Dar in the programming and online gaming communities I am involved in. I’m currently attending Youngstown State University studying Computer Information Systems. I have a love for programming and working on a variety of projects.

I first got into programming in 2013 through the Minecraft Pocket Edition server software called PocketMine, now known as PMMP. I met a lot of brilliant people through PocketMine, many of whom I still collaborate with on projects today. However, my interest in programming began when I ran a Minecraft Java Edition server with my friends for five years.

I’ve since moved on from the game, but I attribute my love for programming to the skills I acquired and the community I met in that time. Since then, I’ve focused primarily on my education, where I’ve worked on numerous projects ranging from an online game of chess to a mock project proposal for upgrading a software system to a Software as a Service model. I also enjoy working on some personal projects in my free time, such as creating a smart mirror, developing a handful of Twitter bots, and repairing a variety of computers and gaming consoles.

Outside of coding, I have also worked on some locally-produced short films and commercials. I have assisted in writing and editing scripts, producing, and also acted in a few videos. I have also worked as a crew member on set, primarily recording sound, and animated some basic CGI using Blender in post-production. You can see some of that at the Appleridge Productions website.